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Document TitleWebLinkPurpose
Toolkit for Establishing and Maintaining Successful ERGs
Concise 12-Step Toolkit for building a new ERG. Intended for disability-focused ERGs, but all topics contained in the 12 Steps are general and applicable to any ERG
How to Start an Employee Resource Affinity Group in the Workplace Article built on real interviews and examples to provide an overview of what an affinity group is, what are the benefits, and how to start one
Establishing an Employee Resource Group Very high level intro to establishing an ERG, with some suggestions on mission, goals, expanding membership, and overcoming resistance
Diversity Best Practices – ERG Website Membership driven website with some free intro content on ERGs and then the option to buy the ERG Leadership Handbook for $54.99
7 Ways to Enable Your Employee Resource Groups into a Powerful Advancement Platform Article with seven suggestions for how to take an ERG to the next level and turn it into a powerful platform for employee engagement and advancement
The Business Benefits of Resource Groups Article with a concise view of four key business benefits of employee resource groups, including real world examples
EY Making it Real – Globally$FILE/EY-making-it-real-globally.pdf A practical guide for advancing LGBT diversity and inclusion across global companies, including tips on the importance of LGBT networks globally; summary output of a thinktank workshop hosted with several major companies
Model Transgender Employer Policy Sample policy for a company to clarify the law and provide a safe, welcoming environment for transgender, gender non-conforming and transitioning employees

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