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Our Mission

The NTC’s mission is to educate and empower organizations, Human Resource (HR) professionals, employee resource groups (ERGs) and individual employees through programs and services that result in equal policies, opportunities, practices, and benefits in the workplace regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, expression or characteristics. We will fulfill this mission by providing a central hub for communication and dialog.

Since 2018, the organization has focused on the following collaborative projects: 

  • Provide forums for LGBTQ ERG leaders and members across North Texas to meet and share their experiences
  • Find ways to collaborate on service events, providing a stronger impact for community needs 
  • Assess the state of LGBTQ nondiscrimination policies across North Texas, to see where more education and advocacy is needed for workplace protections 
  • Survey LGBTQ ERGs in North Texas to gain a fuller understanding of each other’s work, structure, strengths, and challenges
  • Facilitate a workshop on the topic of membership engagement, to share common challenges and best practices to strengthen our organizations membership and leadership 
  • Establish a program to support the development of new LGBTQ ERGs, gathering support material and establishing a mentor program to pair existing ERG leaders with new leaders
  • Partner with other organizations to bring educational and advocacy updates to the NTC members’ attention  

Our History

The North Texas LGBTQ ERG Coalition (NTC) emerged in mid-2018 out of a series of mixers and open discussions around common challenges and best practices between LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups in North Texas. LGBTQ Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are focused on creating LGBTQ affirming environments in their organizations and workplaces. Some ERGs in North Texas formed as early as the 1990’s, but many formed within the last 5 years. LGBTQ ERGs host social events, educational opportunities, and pride events in their companies, working to build relationships and promote positive, informed dialogue around LGBTQ issues in the workplace.  Many LGBTQ ERGs discussed common challenges in their organizational work, including: membership engagement, organizational diversity, finding reliable nonprofit partners for community service donations, finding educational speakers, and leadership fatigue.

Leaders from these ERGs offered resounding support for the idea of forming an entity designed to improve communication and dialogue between LGBTQ ERGs in North Texas as a way to share challenges, best practices, and even collaborate towards common aims. In September of 2018, leaders of participating LGBTQ ERGs voted unanimously to approve the NTC charter, forming the North Texas LGBTQ ERG Coalition (NTC), and in November voted in its first President, Brian Price with the City of Dallas LGBT Employee Association, and Secretary, Leigh Steinberg with the Gay Straight Alliance at Nissan. Joshua Mcglothlin was voted Vice Chair in May of 2019.

Meet Our Board

Brian Price – Chair

Brian Price is serving as chair of the NTC for his second year, having formed the organization in 2018. Brian works as a Senior Planner with the City of Dallas, engaging in comprehensive planning work with a focus in strategic development and neighborhood-based planning. Brian has served on multiple nonprofit boards in Dallas, starting with the City of Dallas LGBT Employee Association which he co-
founded in 2015. He has served on the board of the Coalition for Aging LGBT, having founded their LGBT Friendly Senior Housing Initiative in 2018, and continues to serve of the board of The Dallas Way, an organization focused on preserving and sharing the LGBTQ history of Dallas. Brian understands the
necessity of promoting LGBTQ-affirming settings, particularly in institutional contexts, like workplaces, schools, and senior living communities. He is dedicated to the work of the NTC as an opportunity to encourage more workplaces in North Texas to offer the kind of affirmation and support he was lucky enough to have received at the City of Dallas.

Leigh Steinberg – Secretary

Leigh Steinberg has worked for a major automotive company in its Legal Department for over 20 years. During her tenure, she has held various positions in her company’s Toastmasters club for at least 15 of the 20 years. She has also been the communications director for their Woman’s ERG; held the communications, VP and President’s chair for their Generations ERG; and finally launched their LGBTQ ERG in April of 2017 and currently holds the position of President. One of her goals after launching their LGBTQ ERG was to meet up with and exchange ideas and best practices with other LGBTQ ERGs! Then she learned of the NTC through one of her contacts at Out & Equal. She feels that it is important for other LGBTQ ERGs in the area to learn and grow from each other. Leigh loved it so much and thought their mission was an important one so she nominated herself as Secretary and was elected in November 2018 and reelected November 2019. She thinks the members and chairs that she has been working within the NTC are amazing, smart and talented and looks forward to many years of learning from all of them.

Anna Holm – Vice Chair

Anna moved with the Global Telecommunications company, Ericsson, to Dallas from Stockholm, Sweden in 2018 and currently works with change and transformation in the Networks business. She holds a BS in behavioral sciences and appreciates the opportunity to emphasize the people side of change. Anna is the senior co-chair of Ericsson’s LGBTQ & Allies employee resource group and has been with the ERG
core team since moving to the US. Her experience with the ERG and seeing the value of collaborating with other member companies of NTC gives her passion to make the most of the coalition, for its members and the LGBTQ+ community in North Texas. In her other free time, she is an avid fan of past eras and you’ll often find her swing dancing, jazz singing, vintage shopping or ogling architecture of the art deco and mid-century eras.

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